Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Theres no getting away from the fact that running is hard on the body. Some runners slip into obsession and neglect recovery to the point where something in the body fails. The Plantar Facia can be injured in this way, compression socks for plantar fasciitis will help your recovery.

Plantar fasciitis is quite a common complaint amongst runners. I’ve had it so I know how painful and frustrating it is. It took about 12 weeks before I could get out of bed and not feel that sharp pain.

I used an array of gadgets and tools to help me recover. Including compression socks. This guide will help you choose compression socks for plantar fasciitis which can help you recover faster.

Buyers Guide

I’d recommend using compression socks for plantar fasciitis in combination with other equipment. This guide will help you decide which characteristics you need in your socks.  

How Do Compression Socks Work?

Compression is a popular characteristic in running and sport wear to aid recovery and maybe boost performance.

The application of pressure has been found to increase blood flow which in turn speeds up recovery. The support provided by compression socks also helps the arches of the feet while they are recovering.

The aim is to reduce inflammation and swelling as much as possible during the initial stages of the condition. Compression socks will help with this.  

How To Choose A Pair Of Compression Socks?

Consider where the pain is on your foot or feet and then think about where the compression needs to be. And then the type of compression sock you need.

You don’t need compression socks that go all the way up your calves, they are intended for a different purpose.

Socks and sleeves that target areas of the foot susceptible to plantar fasciitis. You may benefit from a sock that applies pressure to the foot as a whole to get that arch support. Or you might get better use from a sleeve that slides on to help a specific area of the foot. Unfortunately you’ll need to experiment a little to find out which works best for you.

How Much Compression Is Good For You?

These things can be measured in millimetres of mercury or mmHg. However its difficult to know what that means when you pull on a sock. Different manufacturers will have slightly different interpretations of what those measurements mean.

To know for sure you can try two or three different pairs to see how they feel.

Some compression is better than none, where as too much compression could be bad for you.

There are mixed messages from experts about wearing compression socks while you sleep. Some say its ok others that its not. I did not. I tried but I found the pressure kept me from falling asleep. I did however wear something while I slept that did help, more on that later on.

How Thick Are Compression Socks

Ideally thin enough to allow you to put on a pair of shoes and not compromise the fit of the shoe. We all have lives to get on with even when we are in pain and discomfort. So we need to be able to get out.

If you can get away with wearing sandals that’s a good option. I talk about this here. But in summary a pair of sandals with good cushioning combined with compression socks is the best of both worlds. The sandals will alleviate your pain while the compression socks are speeding up your recovery.  

Further Considerations

You should throw everything at plantar fasciitis. Compression, heat, gadgets and tools. Here are a few other things to consider to speed up your recovery.

Recovery While You Sleep

I used to sleep in these odd looking night splints. I was able to get to sleep and my recovery started to take off when I started to wear them. These combined with applying heat to my feet with these heat pads made getting up in the morning almost/much more tolerable.

Do Compression Socks Help When Combined With Orthotics

Orthotics will give you arches some support and that’s what they need while your plantar fascia is recovering. You may have some running shoes with arch support that could help.

However, again, I would recommend some sandals. They maybe a placebo but having my feel confined in shoes when I had plantar fasciitis was almost mind bindingly bad.

Speed Up Your Recovery

Take a look on Amazon and you’ll find an almost limitless number of devices designed to help you get back on your feet. If you can, try a few. I found the process of looking for a solution helped. But in the end you need to give your feet the time they need to recover.

Foot Roller

The one piece of kit I use to this day is a foot roller. It sits under my desk all day and I run my feet over it without thinking. I cant say for sure if this has been a factor that stopped my plantar fasciitis from coming back. I am perhaps more conscious of any slight pain in my feet now. But I’ve not had a repeat incident since that first time.

Final Thoughts: Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

Disclaimer: If your plantar fasciitis shows no sign of getting better, see a doctor.

Compression socks can play a significant role in your recovery from plantar fasciitis. The best piece of advice I can give is try a few pairs before you give up on them.

If you can keep moving that will help as well. Becoming stationary in an attempt to wait out the pain will only cause the problem to go on longer than it would otherwise.

Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis

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