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Paris Marathon 2019

I started running in 2018 to get and stay fit after an operation. Safe to say Im now addicted! Im in my late 40’s and I thought my best sporting days were way in my past.  

I was wrong.

Im having an amazing time and loving (almost) every minute of it. My hope is that my story might help someone start getting out there as I did. 

Here are a couple of pictures of me looking tired after the Paris marathon (above) and the TCS New York City Marathon (below).

TCS New York City Marathon 2019

My Mission is to help runners make consistent rational running decisions.

How I create content

Paris Marathon 2019

All of the content on this site has been planned, written and edited by me. Doing everything myself slows things down but it means I have total control over all ideas and thought process youll read here. 

Where possible I have purchased the items reviewed and use them from new through their lifecycle. Where thats not possible I rely on extensive online feedback from actual customers of the product. 

 Above all else I feel like Im always learning and that permiates throguh everything Im trying to do with this website. When I started running I came across so many ‘experts’ that would advise me to get this shoe or to eat this gel. I found i had to work these things out for myself to find what worked for me. Thats the position the content on this site comes from. I wont tell you what you ‘should’ do, rather what has worked for me and what ‘might’ work for you.

Running improvements through consistent Rational decisions

Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K

So whats in it for you?

You would read the content on this site if you want to take a straighter line from where you are now in your running to where you want to be. 

If the following words make sense to you, I think youll find the content on this site useful. 

  • You want to hear directly from someone who has used the products you are considering. 
  • You want to understand key differences betweek products that on first sight appear to be similar. 
  • You want advice on running gear that comes from customer experience and not sales information.
  • You are considering taking entering a race and you need more information about the event and the requirements around it. 

If one or more of these resonate with you I look forward to you reading the information I’ve put together for you.