Best Ab Roller For Runners

Abs are a key muscle group to keep you upright over the course of a run. If you’ve ever finished a run and find yourself slouching down into poor form. You need to work on your abs.

So is an ab roller effective tool in the pursuit of a strong core? In my experience it is. I’ve used one since the New York City marathon in 2019 we’re I noticed at mile 20 I’d starting to slouch.And which one is the best Ab roller for Runners?

Since using one I haven’t experienced the same degree tightness that caused the slouching and deterioration in my form. I am therefore an advocate of the ab roller!  I’ve built up 20 reps three times a week. So nothing too crazy just enough for my level of fitness.

How Comfortable Are Ab Rollers?

To be clear I’m talking about how comfortable they are on your hands. When you start using an eye roller it should feel a little bit uncomfortable around your abs and possibly of the parts of your body.

How comfortable an Ab roller is on your hands is dependent on the design, the shape on the material the handles are made of. Most Ab roller handles are made of a soft rubber material that is relatively giving and will mould around your hands.

Some Ab rolls have flat and sides to increase the surface area your hand is in contact with. The idea here is to spread the weight cross a larger wide section have your hand to increase comfort levels.

How Much Do Ab Rollers Cost?

There’s a wide range on price on Amazon as you might expect. There are models for $20 all the way up to 50 plus dollars. I’m not sure if the adage price is what you pay value is what you get applies to an Ab roller.

$20 roller will be as effective as a $50 roller. The difference may be comfort and longevity. A more comfortable roller will make you more inclined to use it on a regular basis than one that digs into your hands.

Ab Roller With A Smooth Bearing

An Ab roller with a smooth bearing will be more pleasant to use. And more importantly last longer than one that sounds like a bag of spanners the first time you use it. I haven’t used all of the AB rolls I recommend in this article. So I can’t vouch for house move there going to be. I’ve read the reviews across the web and found out negative feedback regarding the quality of the bearing for any of them.

However do your own due diligence on this matter. Or buy one for $25 and buy another one next year when the bearing gives way.

I’m an engineer by trade I’ve taken a quick look to see if the bearing is a serviceable component. Unfortunately to replace the bearing on an Ab roller it would involve cutting through moulded plastic that holds the bearing in place. So that’s a no the bearings can’t be replaced.

Are Ab Rollers Stable?

Pushing a wheel out in front of you is an inherently unstable activity. However done correctly you should never feel unstable or in danger.

There are models of Ab rollers they have two wheels or one wide wheel. While these look more stable that isn’t necessarily the case. Stability and Ab rollers is more about technique then AB roller design.

How Durable Is An Ab Roller

My Ab roller it’s still going strong after two years of use. It wasn’t the most expensive on Amazon but it wasn’t the cheapest. The handles are slightly worn but other than that it looks brand new and behaves as it did on day one.

I’m not sure which component will fail first but I will update this article when something goes wrong.  

Why Do I Need A Knee Pad With An Ab Roller?

A lot of the AB rollers that you see on Amazon come with a small rubberised platform. This isn’t as I first thought designed to protect the carpet you’re rolling on. Rather it’s to protect your knees during the course of your exercise.

I haven’t used the material that came at my Ab roller but I can see the advantage if you have hard wooden floors in your home.

How To Use An Ab Roller

Rather than me use lots of words to describe how to use an Ab roller. Here’s a video have someone demonstrating how it’s done.

Additional Ab Roller Benefits

Ab rollers are designed to increase the strength are you abdominal muscles. in the process of using your Ab roller other muscle groups will also benefit. I find my arms no that had a workout after 20 reps and that’s no bad thing.

Additionally it’s quite a fun activity compared to sit ups!  

The compact design make them ideal first suitcase. If you’re working away we’re going on holiday or indeed flying away for a marathon. You’ll have no problem fitting an Ab roller into your suitcase.

Ab Rollers vs Planks

Planks are a popular exercise for the abdominal muscles. they are effective and certainly give your apps a good workout. The main advantage I found of using an AB roller compared to doing planks is time. I get a much more intensive workout in a shorter period of time compared to planks.

Which Muscles Does An Ab Roller Work?

An ab roller works three main muscle groups in the abdominal area:

  1. Serratus Anterior
  2. Rectus Abdominis
  3. Transverse Abdominis

In addition to these main muscle groups you also benefit the following muscles:

  1. Hips
  2. Arms
  3. Shoulders

Final Throughs: Best Ab Roller For Runners

Runners of all abilities will benefit from an Ab roller. Core strength is essential to maintaining form.

And Ab rollers are compact and convenient way to develop call strength. They are suitable for beginners experts. Variations on the exercises mean you will never outgrow an Ab roller.

Best Ab Roller For Runners

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